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The roll-out of new digital UAE Phone Number tools in the civil service organization and at the political-administrative bodies is now possible in a week instead of via an implementation plan. Of a year – all fantastic of course – but that has little to do with digital transformation. What we now only see is that the work is being organize UAE Phone Number more digitally. The existing work, the existing services, the existing logic.” In order to work (together) more digitally, we need to devise new ways of working. These new ways of working are about UAE Phone Number letting go of fixed habits, processes, and resources and asking yourself.

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Next, we need to think about how UAE Phone Number you might be able. To do that purpose of your work in a different, better way. Where you use other, digital resources. Why do some organizations succeed and others fail? We will return to the question that we already asked in the introduction: why do certain organizations succeed in UAE Phone Number successfully collaborating digitally and others not, while using the same tools? This has everything to do with the communication and collaboration style in your organization and what the UAE Phone Number underlying idea of ​​certain digital tools is. To clarify this, we use Cameron & Quinn’s Competitive Values ​​model. This is a well-known diagnosis model for mapping the current and desired organizational culture.

UAE Phone Number
UAE Phone Number

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The model stems from research into UAE Phone Number the most important indicators of effective organizations. Model of Competing Values. The researchers found two (values) dimensions. For describing organizational culture: Stability versus flexibility: organizations strive for stability and internal control UAE Phone Number of processes. By describing, measuring, monitoring, and continuously improving processes. At the same time, organizations want to be flexible in order. To respond as quickly as possible to opportunities that arise. This also has an impact on the way organizations deal. With UAE Phone Number information, communication and collaboration.

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