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While ‘but’ can be a serious disadvantage in the case of abuse, this powerful word can also have an extremely positive Israel Phone Number influence. For example, you can use it to build up the tension in a story: “After hours of plodding, Zoë had finally reached the topI consciously build up the tension) there is something that is much more powerful. At least I Israel Phone Number think so. By using the word in the correct position in your text, ‘only’ can work to your advantage. And good too. You are simply turning things upside Israel Phone Number down. You ensure that the negative message for ‘but’ ends up and places the positive message behind the signal word. Because with that one four -letter word you can weaken a negative message and strengthen a positive message. How? Also read: Dutch vs.

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Belgians: 7 important life lessons [you taught me] Butdon’t build a castle in the air First of all: naming a weakness or Israel Phone Number disadvantage makes every message credible (er). Simply because you show honesty and set yourself vulnerably. You don’t make things more Israel Phone Number beautiful than they are and you don’t build the castles. The tax authorities did that smartly with the slogan ‘we can’t make it nicer. Easier. ‘ This (h) honest and now historic slogan was conceived in 1993 by advertising maker Martijn Horvath. Why (h) honest? Because Horvath has the negative image of the tax authorities Israel Phone Number followed by a positive element. Now this example shows how by naming the weakness you work on your credibility, after which an advantage immediately gains more value in the unconscious brain.

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At the same time this example of the Israel Phone Number Tax Authorities does not contain the word. But in slogans A slogan that does contain the word is one from the tube of advertising agency PPGH/JWT for the soft drink brand Rivella : “A bit strange but tasty.” Because fair is fair: a Israel Phone Number pure natural product from milk, transformed into a sparkling golden -yellow refreshment, that took some getting used to for Dutch consumers. Under the leadership of this slogan, the Swiss stuff conquered grounds. In Mexico for Israel Phone Number years (1967-1995) was one of the slogans of fast food chain McDonald’s : “No Son Tacos, Pero Está Bastante Bueno.” (It’s not tacos, but it’s pretty good.) Finally, the commercial of Volkswagen from 1969, at the time of the Apollo-Maan landings.

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