In the early days there was no water or electricity In fact

It was not easy to pull wiring and water pipes. After a long lobbying, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was responsible for half of the cost of laying the relevant pipelines, and the manufacturer was responsible for the other. For half of the electricity, the manufacturers adopt the scheme of co-receiving electricity, and the cooperative group is responsible for the distribution. The manufacturer at the Haneda Railway site was relocated within two years as stipulated by the Japanese government. Photo Credit: Earth Citizens Foundation Visit to the machine tool manufacturer factory in Shizuoka Fuji Ukishima Industrial Zone Case 2 – Ukishima Industrial Park in Fuji City: Obtaining long-term, low-interest relocation funds In terms of funds, it is mainly through the financial mechanism established by the business group to establish a long-term amortization and low-interest mechanism.

Taking Fuji City Ukishima Industrial Park Fuji City Ukishima

As an example, the synergy collects membership Kuwait Phone Number fees from members to repay the loan, and repays the loan in 19 years. During the period, the membership fee collected from the members is about 400 million yuan. Pay membership dues. The funds for the construction of factories can also loaned to manufacturers by the business group at an interest rate of 5%. If they meet the standards for industrial upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, they can also receive subsidies from the central government and the county government. At the same time, the joint business of the synergistic group is profitable, and there is still a surplus after deducting personnel expenses.

These joint undertakings include electricity parking lots with

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As well as water works, sewers, gas and freight post offices, with electricity having the highest revenue. The way manufacturers organize and synergize varies according to local conditions. Basically, in industrial parks across the country, almost all manufacturers belong to the same industry, but Fuji City Ukishima Industrial Park is not a single industry. Mr. Kiyoshi Sugiyama is the honorary consultant of the Ukishima Industrial Cooperative Association.

He is one of the few business owners who have completed the experience of assembling manufacturers and forming a synergistic combination today. He mentioned that there were many factory finance companies who applied to join. The situation is very bad. The advantage of synergy is that manufacturers with good physique can support manufacturers in poor conditions, and everyone can work together as a team. However, not all applicants can join as they wish. He recalled: “We had eight sponsors in the early stage, mainly through the chamber of commerce as the recruitment window, and 100 companies applied for admission.

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