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Personal development (think: how UK Phone Number you deal with mental health, annual appraisal, promotion) A checklist for onboarding A face book🙂 What does not belong in home? When you start making an employee handbook, take a critical look at what information does and does not belong in it. Keep in mind how much time you want to spend on this project in the future. Make sure that the manual remains UK Phone Number maintenance-friendly, also in the long term. For example, which information you should not process is current information. Do you have a staff party in 3 weeks? It is better to share this via the UK Phone Number channel on which you communicate than in the handbook. This also applies to current projects. Of course you will occasionally update the manual, but this should not become a weekly task.

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Content marketing has been UK Phone Number an important area of ​​focus for many companies and brands in recent years. And in 2022 it will be no different! Content is getting an increasingly prominent place in the marketing of companies. It is an effective way to convey your brand’s story to UK Phone Number the target audience. Whether it’s a blog on your website, a Facebook post or a short video that you post on your YouTube channel. But what about in this field? And what are areas of attention that every marketer should have in mind? Value of content marketing Content marketing is used by companies and brands for UK Phone Number various purposes. For example, to increase your brand awareness, to get more traffic to your website or webshop, to generate more leads or to build a position of authority within your industry.

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Why is content marketing important? To summarize the importance and value of content marketing, Oberlo has gathered facts and figures about how it is used by companies and brands. The numbers are presented visually in the UK Phone Number below and are well worth a look. For example, 96% of marketers say content marketing has been highly effective for UK Phone Number their brand or business. And that goes beyond posting an occasional news item on your website or a Facebook or UK Phone Number LinkedIn update. You need to create a well thought-out strategy for it to be successful. And you must be able to measure whether your objectives are being achieved. Because without setting goals, a strategy is not complete. This is also evident from the visual below: 88% of marketers report success.

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