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But do not dream of having the same possibilities as a seller. Who does it in any other regime that gives you greater control. For Amazon, what counts is the customer at even unreasonable levels. If you sell, you send and you manage. Any incidents that may occur, they are putting their greatest assets, which are the buyers, in your hands. When the purchase experience is negative, there is a direct impact on recurrence . And that’s critical in Amazon’s business model. Hence so many years losing money with their PRIME program (program to which, of course, you forget to apply). You are free to use FBM, but you should know that they will look at you. With a magnifying glass and if you neglect your optimal response level and low returns.

Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Do not go! There is still even more. Having said everything said so far, it would look like this: Amazon Retail Amazon Marketplace. FBA and FBM So what is this Seller Central and Vendor thing? Well, it has a lot to do with the platform. And the service that Amazon offers us. The vast majority of those who access. To sell on Amazon do so through the Amazon Seller Central platform. In this case , you independently manage all the day-to-day details. Such as uploading and updating your product listings, interaction with Amazon is minimal.

Your Account May Be Suspended

Amazon Vendor It is designed for accounts that are large Belgium whatsapp number list  or where Amazon sees great potential . The thing can go as follows. You are a very successful Seller Central seller You are a recognized brand. You are a supplier of one of their clients You are a manufacturer and they offer to produce for them (Vendor Manufacturer) In any of these four cases, Amazon may knock on your door and offer you a direct invitation to join Vendor. And what does this mean? Well, it has advantages such as a better designed platform, more options for carrying out internal advertising campaigns, attention and support directly through an agent (the so-called Vendor Managers).

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But all these advantages are not free, so you will have to checkout very frequently with their “suggestions”. This option should be highly valued: It may be interesting for you to join, as long as you are looking for a large volume of sales and have a production/distribution capacity in line with this demand. Mail You see that there is no 100% ideal model to sell on Amazon and that in all cases you have to assess what and how far you want to give. This is a consequence of dealing with a platform that is not (and does not pretend to be) neutral. They are judge and party because they have the asset that attracts all stores: the critical mass of customers. This partiality means taking risks such as being left out if you represent a level of competition that they do not want to assume or even having your products copied.

Vendor Itself Has No Cost

Do you want to know what products to sell online? heck out this Mega Guide on how to sell online. Research sources: own experience, the Amazon knowledge center for sellers/vendors, as well as the Amazon guidelines . You have 14 days free to create your online store. No credit card, easy and intuitive. Email address Email address Let’s review together the keys to selling your own products on Amazon How much does it cost to sell on Amazon? Varies by country and currency. In Spain, for example, the cost is €44/month (€39/month for sellers entitled to rates without VAT) plus a commission for each product you sell. They always pay 90 days What is the FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) system?

It is the Amazon system by which a merchant really does is forget about the management, hiring Amazon to do it for him What is Amazon Vendor and how does it work? It is the sales system designed for large accounts or in which Amazon detects great potential. Your role can be one of these: You are a very successful Seller Central seller You are a recognized brand You are a supplier of one of their clients You are a manufacturer and they offer to produce for them (Vendor Manufacturer) What does the Amazon Retail system consist of? When we opt for this collaboration method, we sell directly to Amazon as the only customer and that is the end of our entire relationship with your company and your end customers.


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