Industry research on how Thailand Phone Number products are researched

As a product manager to conduct industry research, it is not necessary to refer to a certain standard. And it is not  to look at the problem from a multi-professional industry perspective. But the most important thing is to have a certain basic understanding of the current research Thailand Phone Number industry. Your time, resources and costs are. And it is impossible to be like professional consulting companies such as iResearch and iiMedia.

When researching an industry, whether it is work needs or interest-oriente, in the process of research. You will definitely find some things that others are not aware of, pay attention to trends that others do not pay attention to. And make judgments. Even if you grasp the industry trend, maybe you can become a “pig” who finds a “wind outlet”.

How to conduct industry research

As a product manager, the focus of industry research is not to output qualified industry reports, but to provide insight and thinking to provide key decision-making help for product problem solving.

Here, I summarize it in three steps:

This problem may be a product problem, business problem, business problem, etc. of the company you are in, or it may Thailand Phone Number be your personal problem. Adapting to work in a new field.

No matter what type of problem, finding the problem is always the first step to solving the problem, that is, finding the problem and finding the reason why the problem occurs.

Industry value chain analysisThailand Phone Number

Industry value chain analysis refers to the countless valuable activities that the entire industry goes through from the initial input of raw materials to the delivery of final products to consumers, mainly Thailand Phone Number including three parts: the internal value chain of the enterprise, the value chain of competitors. And the value chain of the industry.

Conducting industry value chain analysis can not only clarify the position of the enterprise in the value chain, as well as the integration degree of other enterprises in the same value chain and the threats to the enterprise; it can also help the enterprise to seek channels to reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

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