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His beginnings had been. And it is that youtubers do not come from a family of entrepreneurs. But rather had to break with the established to become a successful man. There is a highly recommended video that will help us learn more about the influencer. This one is called How did Juca make his first million?! Luis Arterio Vilar Suked is Luisito Comunica. And that is how he is known on his famous YouTube channel. The truth is that its beginnings are found on this video platform. But it has used it as a springboard to be able to go much further. In other words, it has not only been limited to this resource. Today it has around 37.3 million subscribers and its channel is. In the top of the 100 most followed channels throughout the entire platform.

The videos of YouTubers are very varied: in general, they talk about experiences. Although we can also find a lot of content where they tell us about their experience. Tell us some tricks about entrepreneurship and even dare with new online projects that could become a trend. If you want to know how much Mexican youtubers earn , we encourage you to take a look. At the video of How much does Luisito Comunica Con YouTube earn while traveling the world . Shark Tank Mexico / we have this YouTube channel that will surprise you and help you learn. A lot about entrepreneurs. This program had the objective of bringing together important investors. Who had the objective of evaluating new projects and business proposals.

Shark Tank Colombia With This Characteristic Name

This is how they reached the conclusion of Greece whatsapp number list whether or not it was worth investing in a project. This channel is very important, since they have promoted renowned ideas that have ended up becoming a reality. Due to its success, Shark Tank has been replicated in different countries throughout the world, but its Colombian and Mexican version is especially noteworthy. It is a very interesting channel that will help us to know everything that the investor takes into account before deciding whether to invest in a new project, or whether to discard it. For example, processes, times, production phases, among other criteria, are studied. Not only is it entertaining, but it also offers interesting resources to improve your entrepreneurial skills.

Greece whatsapp number list

The creators of their content aim to share their knowledge to make it easier for us to meet our business goals and more ambitious objectives. They currently have more than 2.65M subscribers , it is not for less. The idea of ​​the channel is to offer the tools to change an obsolete way of thinking and start with the application of keys that could mean a before and after in the trajectory of a successful entrepreneur. In the event that we want to access the content in another language (such as English), it is also possible to find the content translated into other languages.

Financial Mentors Tv Financial Mentors

Businessstart is one of the best entrepreneurship channels in the world. Although it is true that its number of subscribers is far from reaching the largest (it is around 217,000 subscribers) , its ideas, its way of explaining and all the details that it incorporates in its videos make it one of the most recommendations of the genre. It gives you motivating ideas that will be vital to develop those ideas that you had in your mind and that you did not dare to carry out. In the channel you can also find advice, tips, as well as recommendations related to the world of investments and bonds in general. Learn what you need about social networks for ecommerce. This guide will give you ALL the keys step by step.


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