Let’s Start With The Fact

Includes 14 day free trial link! What I don’t recommend is to consider the Facebook Marketplace as your ONLY sales channel Why? Very easy: that it is very “geo-dependent”: it focuses too much on “local” selling , so it would limit you a lot in case you want to sell to other parts of your country or even if you plan to sell internationally. You must bear in mind that it is a very competitive channel , since basically its user base is the same as that of Facebook, which you will surely know is not low at all. With this said, there will be hundreds of thousands of people selling on this channel. Conclution? If you do not offer something spectacular in quality / price, you will be one more . As if this were not enough, Facebook IS NOT the entire Internet .

And you would be limiting yourself quite a bit in terms of the number of potential customers if you dedicate yourself exclusively to selling on Marketplace. Still not clear on how to promote your ecommerce on social networks? Here you have the Guide that will teach you how to start. So what is the ideal alternative to Facebook Marketplace? As I told you, it is not recommended as a sole sales channel, but it will be fine if you plan to use it as an additional sales channel. The best thing you can do is create your ecommerce that works as your main platform and that this is one of your sources of extra income.

Examples Of Email Marketing That Work Perfectly

That should be your trench, your “base camp” from Egypt whatsapp number list to work and enhance your personal and corporate brand. The Facebook Marketplace can (and should) be used as an additional channel to your website, just as you already know, if you want to upload your products to Amazon and have more sales possibilities through this other well-known marketplace. Facebook is not going to become your only sales channel, but it will be one more of the many sales channels that you can take advantage of on the Internet. When you are learning what email marketing is, it is normal for doubts and concerns to arise on your part, since you do not know how to ground all the theoretical content that you are learning.

Egypt whatsapp number list

For this reason, we have thought that the best thing is going to be to show you a few examples of real and easily actionable email marketing . What it is about is to offer you a plus of inspiration, in such a way that you know how other marketing managers have done it before launching to create your first campaigns. You already know: being inspired is not copying. You can look at the most striking elements of each campaign. But do not replicate it 100% because each case is unique. But before getting into the matter, we recommend that you watch this video by our colleague Ana Llorente on email marketing. For your business? If you want to scale the sales of your ecommerce. The best way to do it is through customer loyalty through email.

Why Is Email Marketing Necessary?

But email marketing is not only good for that, since it can also be. Used to attract customers to your business and generate new sales. In fact, email marketing is considered one of the most profitable and efficient marketing techniques. Since it usually generates a high return on investment. If what you want is to strengthen relationships with your customers. Both with current ones and with potential customers who have not yet bought from you. The best way to do it is through email. Although it is a fairly old communication channel, email is still very popular. Especially since it is considered a very direct medium, which allows messages to be sent directly to the recipient. And, in addition, these messages are highly customizable and segmentable.

For all these reasons, it is clear that an email marketing campaign can be a great boost for your sales . The best examples of email marketing for you to learn and get inspired 1. Chubbies Shorts: an example of email marketing aimed at recovering abandoned carts. You have no idea how many sales are lost throughout the buying process. We are talking about those people who see a product in your store, click on the buy button. But do not complete the order for whatever reason. In fact, Shopify has tools to send automatic emails to all those users who have abandoned shopping carts . Chubbies Shorts is aware of this problem and has implemented a contact system. With users who have fallen by the wayside, without closing the order.


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