Linkedin: Recruiter’s Shortcomings Exposed

This week, an article on ere.Net caused quite a stir, suggesting that large. Swathes of the recruiting industry could be swept away by the rise of LinkedIn recruiters. How LinkedIn eats the recruiting industry” is worth reading as a wake-up call. I’ve argued elsewhere that LinkedIn. And the widespread growth of social networking — spawned a new form of recruiting that. Effectively eroded the value proposition of parts of the recruiting industry. This article seems to support that view but goes further to show that the rise of. Linkedin recruiters have sounded the death knell for much of the traditional recruiting industry. The first person to comment on the article said “Hogwash

Recruiter Cons  LinkedIn only provides partial coverage

Imagine a recruiting agency comes into the market for a job with a suggestion. That they will limit themselves to only a small portion of the candidate market. This will be a reminder that the meeting is over and the institution is. Being escorted out of the building! Yet that’s exactly what those haiti email list who support Linkedin’s stifling of outside recruiters are touting. It’s nice to bring in the part of the workforce that any. Business needs, but it’s far from exhaustive, it’s just going to be part of the solution. The portion of the professional candidate market that. Linkedin covers now vary by region. But membership numbers are also very flattering so misleading from a recruiting perspective. At any point, very few LinkedIn users have not had a valid email address assigned.

 LinkedIn Candidates Are “Unresponsive”

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We already mentioned above that some of the candidates you are trying to reach will never see your message. Or for the time frame, you want. But LinkedIn recruiting has another disadvantage compared to external recruiters. It will only elicit responses from those who tend to. Pursue career advancement and are interested in joining the company that is pitching them. What about all the passive job seekers, happy employed, high achievers on LinkedIn? They’re arguably your company’s most valuable employee.But they’re also the least likely professionals to respond to direct marketing messages. They need a personal touch.


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