Ma Honeycomb Thailand Phone Number Ecological Analysis (Part 1): Content Producers

In the short self-introduction, the words repeatedly mentioned are the key and the highlight. Applying this idea to the self-introduction Thailand Phone Number of “Horse Honeycomb”, we can see that in addition to “tourism”, its distinctive users are positioned as ” young generation “.

Being young, in a sense, determines the style, tonality, level of user needs, etc. of the entire product. For this young content ecosystem, which users can it accommodate and who are the users it may attract?

 Information Producers

Information producers are the soul and blood of hornet’s nest, and high-quality information producers create hornet’s nest. As well as refers to users who publish travel notes/strategies/questions and answers on the Mafengwo platform. Here, the information Thailand Phone Number produced by this group of people is limited to zero-time information resources, that is, information obtained entirely based on self-experience, rather than users who obtain information from other channels such as collection and purchase, and then produce information content for the second time.

Segmentation of user groups

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What kinds of people might become information producers in this system? Its commonality must be a user group that carries some tourism factors. In order to prevent the endless divergence of thinking. Here we take a specific city as an example to associate Thailand Phone Number tourism information producers that may be related to it.

Taking “Huangshan” as an example. The people familiar with this can be divided into: ① local residents, including but not limited to scenic spot managers. Villagers, etc.; ② tourists who have visited;


As well as this crowd division map and the core word “young” that combines the user value and product value brought by the content platform, it is actually possible to better locate the first batch of players in the Mafengwo ecosystem: a group of almost Loyal travel enthusiasts who do not bring real resources or traffic.




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