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This way you can start Australia Phone Number and finish a lot more relaxed! Knowing more? Unfortunately, maintaining a WordPress website is often placed at the bottom of the priority list and therefore often postponed or even neglected. Nevertheless, it is a very important action to maintain and improve the financial and Australia Phone Number organic position in Google. Unfortunately, you only really feel the consequences of not maintaining your WordPress website when it is already too late: a white screen, buttons that do not function properly or worse, a website that goes offline or is hacked. Then there is panic and stress, emotions Australia Phone Number that usually don’t make.

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That’s why I’ll give you a Australia Phone Number few tips to ensure. That your WordPress website gets enough attention and runs fewer risks. My biggest tip is to always make backups before you start maintaining your website. In general, it’s a good idea to back up at least once a month. If you work on your website daily or Australia Phone Numberweekly, it is wise. To increase the backup frequency to weekly or even daily. Despite the fact that WordPress is very user-friendly, something can always go wrong during maintenance Australia Phone Number work on the website.

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It is nice if you can go Australia Phone Number back to an earlier version of the website. with a few simple actions. WordPress backup You can create backups in a number of ways. There are several WordPress plugins for making backups, such as UpDraftPlus, Duplicator, and Backup Guard. It can happen that you can no Australia Phone Number longer access the WordPress admin due to an error or hack. In that case, it is also not possible to use the plugin. So always make backups manually. You can back up your WordPress files via an Australia Phone Number ftp program. To download the database you need access to the Direct Admin environment.

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