Marketers may not know how to Kenya Phone Number make a “market plan”

Moreover, the access time depends on the. Partner, and it takes at least 2 weeks to connect to one company, so a linear process was adopte at. That time, the cost is the lowest, and the rapid launch can be guarantee. The modular approach was shelve. Existing credit scheme  Kenya Phone Number- modular process: in the later stage,

with the access of more funds, some require 6~7 items of. Incoming data, and even when the return of some incoming data results is very long, the modular data. Is more efficient: if the incoming data excees 4 items,

he linear credit granting requires the user to. Complete all items at one time, which not only causes a great psychological burden on the user.

The Cost Is the Lowest

But also has high requirements for background data. Recording and loading. After modularization, the technical requirements for loading and submitting  Kenya Phone Number a. Single item of data are lower; for users, the task is split for the user after a single completion, which is less. Difficult, and the rapid and successful submission can obtain multiple positive incentives. (2) operation steps.

Under the premise of ensuring compliance, the fewer operation steps, of course, the lower the conversion. Rate. From the data, almost every additional step will increase the churn rate by 20%.

The Cost Is the Lowest

Kenya phone number
Kenya phone number

therefore, by shortening the operation steps. The conversion rate can be improvd. The operation steps actually come from two aspects: page jump and. Click. Figure 9 comparison of steps before and after ocr optimization among all incoming documents, real-name Kenya Phone Number authentication, ocr, and 2

contact information are require by all funders. Figure 10 is a comparison of the operation steps. Before and after ocr process optimization: (3) willingness to operate in terms of user operation .willingness, we can start from the following points: whether the entry can be simplifie.

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