Marketing and Communications

Does smart customer segmentation make you happy? Of optimizing the CRM in AFAS and the quotation system? Do you enjoy advising, supporting and training colleagues about this, but do you also like to delve into the details, looking for improvements and insights? Do you enjoy working with content managers to increase response and conversion Argentina Phone Number List on marketing campaigns? Then this assignment is really something for you!

Who are we?

Educational consultancy and research agency Argentina Phone Number List CINOP is the employer for you if you are driven and enterprising, and you really want to take current themes and knowledge further. We have research, advice and implementation under one roof, and two centers of expertise in-house. As a result, and through our drive and focus, we can really make a difference. Something for you? Read more on our website. And do you want to know what it’s like to work with us? Then read the stories of our colleagues.

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What are you going to do?

You identify obstacles and opportunities  Argentina Phone Number List and you create (predictive) models to make communication campaigns and acquisition more effective.You identify growth opportunities, looking at the services / propositions of the organization and you think along / advise on a possible strategy to put CINOP more firmly on the map.

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