Marketing and Communications

We work hard every day to be and remain the best. We do work that matters and of course. we also want to communicate about this in a South Korea Phone Number List effective and inspiring way. Are you ready for a flying start to your career in Marketing and Communication? Then come and meet SGS Search!

A day as a Marketing

After an active walk with your colleagues, you continue with the mail campaign for asbestos remediators that you were working on. How do we ensure as many leads as possible? You end the day with a brainstorming session with your colleagues A day as a Marketing from the Marketing department. What new ideas can we come up with to surprise our target groups?

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A day as a Marketing

Are you up for the challenge?

As a Marketing and A day as a Marketing Communications Officer you South Korea Phone Number List help build the SGS Search brand. You independently carry out marketing campaigns and support the (project) manager in larger campaigns. You like to keep several balls in the A day as a Marketing air at the same time: organizing online and offline events, creating mail campaigns, managing our CRM system and communicating via our websites and social media.



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