Marketing Companies Have Even Started Pinning Themselves as the New artificial Intelligence

Could it be that the move to artificial intelligence – something that has gone over the heads of the most seasoned digital marketing executives The pace of Google’s search engine move to artificial intelligence surprised many people. It wasn’t like the 15 years of manual. Algorithm updates to its index. It felt like a tornado – and within a few years it changed the landscape of SEO forever. The rules were no longer in a blog or in a speech by Matt Cutts. Here’s a jaw-dropping question: Were the rules even written at Google.

Much of the search engine algorithms

their weightings were now controlled by a continuously updated machine learning system that changed its weightings from keyword to keyword. Marcus Tober, CTO of SearchMetrics, said that “it’s very likely that even the engineers at Google don’t know the exact makeup of their Macedonia Phone Number very complex algorithm.” The Runaway Algorithm Remember Google’s main source of income? PPC accounts for nearly 90% of its business. Once you know that, the rest of the story makes sense. was the perfect cover. Regardless of hiring Sullivan, the real

Did Google know in advance that moving to

revenue generators meant it wasn’t a top priority. Google had solved some of the toughest technical problems in history, and they could easily have tried to define these new technical challenges for brands, but that just wasn’t their goal. And, unsurprisingly, after a few years of silence. Most of SEO’s old guard had accepted that the tap of real transparent communication with Google was off, never to return. Everyone is an expert in artificial intelligence The backgrounds of most SEO experts don’t lend themselves very

well to understanding this new type of Google search. Why? Most SEO professionals and digital marketing consultants have a marketing background, not a technical background. When asked “How is AI changing Google?”, most responses from industry thought leaders were generic. The AI ​​really hasn’t changed much. Effective SEO still requires the same strategies you’ve followed in the past. In some cases, the answers simply had nothing to do with AI in the first place. Many SEO professionals, who know absolutely nothing about how AI works, were quick to deflect any questions about it. And since very few people in the industry had

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An AI-powered search engine would lead to a system that couldn’t be directly explained? Is it any coincidence that Cutts left the spotlight in 2014 and the position never really returned? Did Google no longer want to explain things to brands or could they no longer ? In 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai began publicly commenting on Google’s foray into artificial intelligence. In other words, there should be no excuses like The machine did x.

Griffin said it clearly: Understanding what the machine does is essential. Transparency is knowing what algorithm was used, what parameters were used in the algorithm. And even why. Justification is an understanding of what she did, and why in a way that you can explain to a reporter. Shareholder, congressional committee, or regulator. The difference is significant and goes beyond a vague promise of explainable AI. But Google’s own search engineers were apparently

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