Media Specialist (Starter)


A real news junkie. You follow the news closely and your feelers are continuously out and you see plenty of opportunities to create news. You do not have any demonstrable work experience in this area. Not yet! But this could change soon. You don’t need any experience with us, but you do need those feelers and a completed HBO or WO education, a strong affinity with PR and media and eagerness to learn. Is this who you are? Then we will train you to become  one of the best PR & media specialists in the industry. Brazil Phone Number List 

The core of this role?

As a PR & Media specialist you ensure coverage of your clients in the media and you make an important contribution to the success of campaigns and their thought leadership. You maintain and expand contacts with a large and strong network of journalists, influencers, bloggers, analysts and editors. When it comes to media, you are the first point of contact for your customers, you discuss their wishes with regard to publicity, do the pitches and come up with proposals and creative followers, identify opportunities, write and distribute press releases and supervise the interviews on location. Brazil Phone Number List 

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The challenge?

The hectic. No day is the same, in the morning you think you are going to discuss a good angle with your customer and suddenly you are overtaken by the news and your plan has to change radically. In the meantime, the telephone does not stop and you wonder whether that press release is being picked up properly. But luckily you are strong in your shoes, you have a high dose of guts and flexibility, persuasiveness, creativity and enthusiasm and very important: your colleagues are always there for you.

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