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Difficulties audiobooks allow people with visual impairments. Dyslexia and those in the literacy process to have more access to information and learning. With this content aimed at listening. It will be easier to deliver material with a good possibility of interpretation and understanding. Unlike other materials that do not deliver the same didactics. So if you want your content to be accessible to more people. In addition to the written material. It’s a good idea to create an audio version! Easy to create it’s not complicated to create your own audiobook! Unlike videos. Which demand more professional equipment and slightly more complex processes. The audio-book format allows for simpler production and you can even start with more affordable recording and editing equipment.

Expanding sector as we showed at the beginning of this article. The audiobook sector is in a great moment of expansion in brazil. This is an opportunity to increase your income and reach an audience that regularly consumes this type of format on the internet. You will spread your brand to other digital environments. Which will increase your brand recognition . Your conversions and your earnings. In addition to improving your channels as a whole. Taking people who discovered your audiobooks to other networks. How to create your own audiobook? Now that you’ve seen the benefits of having an audiobook. It’s time to learn how to create one for your business! Come on?

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Set a theme before going to the stage of creating your audiobook. You need to think carefully about a subject that speaks to your business and that Hungary phone number is really interesting for the brand’s audience. It is important to study the business well and also analyze audio materials that are already being produced by other brands inside and outside your niche. After this research. Brainstorm themes that are present in your content and that can be taken to this format as well. Make the selection of those that are more objective and that meet the needs of the audience. 2. Develop a script 262 with the theme defined. Create a roadmap for the material that will be created.

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As much as the audiobook is a read version of a book. It’s not just opening a book/ebook and reading aloud that you’re all set! Some adaptations are necessary to facilitate the understanding of the topic because written content is not always transmitted equally when spoken. For starters. Remove items from your text that won’t make as much sense. Such as captions. Images. Links. And phrases like “click here” or “see below”. Also see how to fluidly transform and embed charts. Ctas. Spreadsheets and other information while reading. You can adapt your books. Ebooks or even other text content formats. 3. Train. Train. A quality audiobook takes study and practice! Your voice will be the main bridge that will guide the listener to the content. For this trip to go well. You will have to work on diction. Oratory.

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Fluency and avoid mistakes so that the material doesn’t get disconnected. Take the script of your material and read it as if you were already recording. Then write down what needs improvement and try again. At the beginning it is more common to feel insecure when recording. Which can cause more constant failures. So be sure to do this exercise to gain more confidence and resourcefulness when narrating. 4. Record the audiobook it’s time to record the audio ! But for that. You will need some main equipment. Like a microphone and microphone filter. A computer and an audio recording and editing tool . Like the free software audacity. For example. Make sure you are in a quiet environment to avoid noise and quiet so that you don’t have to pause while recording.

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