My first Shopify Printable Store

In my email to my list, I introduced Turkey Phone Numbermy new print shop and shared with them the 3 prints I created. I’m not acting like a cheesy salesman, just explaining the benefits of each printable so they can see if it’s right for them. To my surprise, I made a sale after getting the Turkey Phone Number email! It’s a great feeling! I’ve never sold anything to my email list before, just free advice and other freebies. After that sale, I knew I was on to something! Every weekend I continue to make printables to list in my store. Now, I have 5 in total! When I woke up on Sunday morning, I had $50 in my Shopify store. Someone Turkey Phone Number bought my prints at night. It could be someone on my email list or a random visitor to my blog. How cool is that? The following month, my sales topped $100!

My Continued Success

As my blog traffic grew, sales kept increasing. I am eligible to join Turkey Phone Number Mediavine because Google started ranking many of my articles on page 1. In the top-ranked post, I put a printable image related to the post and a link to buy it on my Shopify store. To my surprise, I got Turkey Phone Number more sales from this strategy. I even created a free opt-in form where subscribers can receive free printouts. They will then be redirected to the so-called tripwire sales page. A tripwire sales page is a single page that includes a countdown timer, sales copy, printable image, and a buy button. Subscribers’ Turkey Phone Number must make the choice to buy an offer before the timer runs out or misses out. The buy button links to prints in my Shopify store so they can buy!

Turkey Phone Number

After setting up some of these sales Turkey Phone Number channels, my sales skyrocketed. My blog now has 5 main channels with topics ranging from budgeting to home organization. My Shopify print store is 2 years old and now earning $3k-7ka per month on print alone. Most of my sales Turkey Phone Number come from random people visiting my blog and sales funnel. If you don’t have a store on your blog, you’re leaving money on the table! I think all bloggers need to sell products to make more money. My Shopify store now has Turkey Phone Number over 80 prints for sale! It’s amazing how far I’ve come.

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