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To your site or use Google Analytics to create a remarketing list. If you use Google Analytics, you may need to update your tracking code . Next, create lists in your shared library. These lists are typically collections of visitors to your website that meet certain criteria. You can then advertise your different lists in a variety of ways if you wish, such as: All Visitors , to get a list of anyone who has visited your site before Abandoned cart , for visitors who add something to their cart and leave without purchasing Product visitors , those who landed on a product page on your site Previous buyer , those who have bought before Customer Match Lists This type of list allows you to upload your list of customer emails to Google to “match” them with your users.

You can then target these users in a variety of ways and channels. From search to viewing, through YouTube and Shopping. These lists can be useful for targeting customers. Who have bought from you in the past but may be searching Google for another product that they don’t know you sell. Or maybe they’ve bought from you in the past but can’t remember your URL or name. Customer matching allows you to bid more aggressively when someone on your list searches for products on Google. Lookalike Audiences One of the best reasons to grow your customer list is to create a lookalike audience . This means that Google creates an audience that behaves similarly to your other remarketing lists.

You Can Create An Audience

That is similar to your customers Lithuania whatsapp number list (similar to Customer Match). Or similar to all visitors or any of your other remarketing lists. YouTube playlists If you have any video content on YouTube, you can also consider using YouTube playlists for targeting. Sometimes you can target users who subscribe to your YouTube channel and/or who have watched one of your YouTube videos. How to make your ads convincing? Add product reviews and promotions Promotional feeds or special offers If you’re running a sale or offering temporary free shipping or something special, you can set up a promotional feed that highlights your promotions with “Special Offer” text underlined in blue. It also usually includes a notice at the top of the ad highlighting the promotion.

Lithuania whatsapp number list

For the Adidas running shoes below, this is a 25% discount. Promotional feeds or special offers When you click “Special Offer”, a pop-up appears with a discount code to claim the offer. Special offer To set up this option, you’ll need to create a promotional feed. First, you’ll need to contact a Google Ads representative and request to be included on the approved list for promotions. Alternatively, you can fill out the Merchant Promotions Interest Form (English only). You can then create your promotions in two ways: You can use the Google Merchant Center marketing tab, which is usually the easiest option if you have simple promotions like a sitewide sale. If you have different promotional offers that apply to different products, a promotional feed would be ideal.

Click The +data Feed Button

In the feed area and choose Promotions from the Type dropdown. These special offers can capture attention and clicks and also help conversions. product reviews Product ratings can make a significant difference in the overall performance of your Shopping campaigns. Think with Google has published a stat (in English only) according to which searches that include the words “better” and “right now” have grown by 125% in recent years. By adding the word “best” to your search query, Google will show Shopping results with the best product reviews. To incorporate product reviews into your Shopping ads, you’ll need to receive approval from Google. Get started by filling out and submitting the Product Ratings Interest Form . Google will contact you within 10-15 days of submission with steps to get product ratings to appear in your Shopping ads.

External Feedback Collectors Google can integrate with various third-party tools to collect reviews, such as Bazaarvoice, eKomi, PowerReviews, Shopper Approved, Yotpo, and more. How to Leverage Merchant Feed to Run Dynamic Remarketing Ads Dynamic remarketing ads allow Google to pull images and information from your product feed to deliver highly relevant remarketing ads to shoppers on your site. The idea is that Google will populate remarketing ads with products that a shopper has viewed while on your site. For a full rundown on how to create dynamic remarketing ads, check out this Google help article . Dynamic ads can look like these examples below: dynamic ads Dynamic Shopping Ads Learn how to create a winning marketing strategy.

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