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The eye wants something too The first India Phone Number months of 2022 are already behind us. For some entrepreneurs the time to draw up an interim balance. How are we achieving our goals? And where are the opportunities? After all, you want your message to come to the attention India Phone Number of your target group and to stand out. Graphic design India Phone Number plays an important role in this, because the eye also wants something. For Depositphotos the reason to analyze the searches on their platform and to compile an overview of 7 design trends in the field of graphic design. They have visualized these trends in the infographic below. For each trend, they have displayed examples from their own visual archive, as well as data from the search analysis.

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Back in time What seems? Oud is back with a vengeance. There was a striking amount of search for nostalgia on the platform: vintage, cheerfulness and colorful illustrations. After two years India Phone Number of pandemic, we long for fun. Kinetic typography – where texts and shapes are applied creatively – and vibrant fonts also scored high in the India Phone Number analysis. And don’t be surprised if you come across designs with 5 or more colors. And everything neatly aligned? Nothing is less true. Asymmetrical India Phone Number shapes score highest in the analysis. And did you think pastel pink could go in the trash? Then you will be disappointed after watching the visual. Curious about the 7 design trends and the details? Then scroll down to view the infographic. Click on the image for a larger copy.

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Do you ever have trouble keeping track India Phone Number of all the documents that come into your inbox every day? Then it is good to know that from now on automatically generated summaries are also available in Google Docs. With this new functionality you are better able to India Phone Number find a briefing, report and/or assessment faster. You also know at a glance what the content looks like. More overview in your Google Docs If, like India Phone Number many others, you often work remotely, keeping an overview between all incoming documents is probably a big challenge. It is then extremely practical to have a short summary of the main points from a document. This way you can process the part (at a later stage) in the most efficient way.

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