Chekhov’s book review of “The Seagull”: not to think but to do, not to act but to live


It is faint, because in this play, all the most dramatic and tense scenes and events will not be directly performed. Sometimes, it is through the characters’ whispering and biting their ears that the audience realizes that there was a quarrel between the two, and that the other person actually committed suicide… But it was silent, or someone else suddenly changed the subject, and then everything passed in laughter again. As if being overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life, there are only some dumb and hard to tell emotions, leaving long ripples in the deep unconsciousness, quietly passing through the minds of us and the characters.

The drama without tension makes people

feel like they are watching a kind of quiet novel or prose when watching the plays written by Chekhov. Because in this, Chekhov deliberately keeps Panama Phone Number us at a distance from the plays he writes, rather than projecting ourselves into the plot of the text. Even a little bit off. Don’t directly imagine and understand the hearts of the characters, but instead want us to think about our own lives, then go back and compare, and experience the deep meaning of “The Seagull”.

Perhaps this is the most interesting part of

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Chekhov’s plays. When we read his plays, rather than imagining the plots and characters in them, we are more inadvertently thinking about our own lives while watching the characters’ stories. In this way, you will feel close to the characters in the play, instead of directly projecting yourself into the story or characters in the play to like the play.Another special impression is that “The Seagull” is a drama without a protagonist. The number of appearances and times of each character in it may be similar.

 Although we can still feel which characters

seem to be more important. But at the same time, we also have a feeling that in this play, although some people’s lines seem to have some weight, it seems that every character is equally insignificant, and no one really stands out and occupies the focus of the entire stage. It seems that each of the above characters is the same as the audience in real life under the stage. Although there may be great differences in achievements, knowledge, fame, and income, no one is really the most important. Therefore, after reading the whole script, if there is no special thinking and viewpoint, most people will naturally have a doubt in their hearts: Who is the protagonist? And that’s incredible for most plays or novels.


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