Nothing Less Than Digital

Looking at two years of the pandemic. You can distinguish two things: resilience and fatigue. How organizations and their people were able to continue to work is to be commended. Yet we all got tired of video calling and switching between work locations. Despite all the practical tips, suggestions and solutions. After all, much remains the same with hybrid working, while for the longer term we need new wine and new bottles. Digital transformation offers guidance and in particular two forms of transformation. Logical actually, because Ghana Phone Number List hybrid working is a digital transformation in itself. How about that? I will tell you that in this article.

Resilience and fatigue

When I look through my eyelashes at the past two years, I see a few things. First of all, resilience: many people have done their work in the midst of a Ghana Phone Number List  pandemic. And many people simply did this at their workplace: in the hospital, at school or university, in the workshop or warehouse, behind the wheel, on the road and in the green.

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Many other people were asked to work  from home two years ago this month unless they had no other choice. And while that seemed like a huge transition, most people — and most organizations — actually managed it in a matter of weeks. IT departments had enabled Teams or Zoom, already scheduled meetings were moved from a physical room to online and we started emailing, posting and chatting even more.

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