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You can also achieve various goals with it, such as informing, enthusing, convincing or motivating. The spectacular opening of Kinepolis in Westfield Mall coincided with the premiere of the movie Dune. Many (famous) Dutch people were present, you can see how the evening went in the video Brazil Phone Number below. In this case, the challenge lies in the fact that Kinepolis is a cinema. The purpose of the spectacular opening was to attract more audiences to the location. The fact that there are cinemas throughout the country makes Brazil Phone Number that difficult(er). Because why would you travel to Rotterdam, if you Brazil Phone Number can also go to Utrecht? Still, they wanted to take up the challenge. Oakfield Media understood the assignment and ensured that the ‘ pleasure & fun ‘ atmosphere, mood and ambiance were captured with a wow effect.

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A solid foundation Videos are sustainable Brazil Phone Number reusable. With one good video you can create an infinite amount of content. Think of short videos, screenshots or GIFs for your website, socials, mailings or other promotional channels. Every organization should have at least one really good video. A video that shows your organization to the Brazil Phone Number world as beautifully and authentically as possible. Therefore, carefully consider in advance what you stand for as an organization, what you want to convey and to Brazil Phone Number whom. Make clear goals. And make sure the basics are in order, such as sound, image and connection. Without those elements, you are guaranteed to miss the point. With a quickly cobbled together video on or livestream from your iPhone, you do not create the desired experience.

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In this case ‘better something Brazil Phone Number than nothing’ does not apply. It even backfires. The viewer does not feel taken seriously and therefore does not take you seriously. Mobile first, but never solo Take mobile-first into account. Mobile use is booming and continues to Brazil Phone Number grow. Therefore, make sure you offer videos in both horizontal and vertical format. It is also important to make your videos accessible for every situation. Today, users consume videos in more ways than you initially envisioned. In a busy Brazil Phone Number train, without sound. Or while driving, without a picture. Subtitles, audio description and a description greatly increase accessibility. As a result, a user always understands what is happening in the video. An additional advantage is that it is good for SEO.

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