Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Our recommendation is that you take care of the quality of the images you upload to attract potential customers. Here the first impression is not repeated twice. Twitter The ‘little bird’ social network is ideal for sharing content, where its more than 230 million users generate interactions with ‘retweets’, Facebook shares, or ‘Instagram likes’. Its only ‘but’ is the limit of 280 characters when posting tweets. For this, it is important that you use link shorteners and that you are specific in your message. Online stores often use it in a particular way to answer questions and contact buyers. LinkedIn It is the social work network par excellence. The ideal place to communicate information about your store and the sector in which you work, as well as interesting job offers to reach a larger audience.

Quite the opposite of the rest of the networks, here the posts with the aim of selling are not well received. However, you can advertise on LinkedIn Ads , which if segmented correctly, can give you a lot of joy. Youtube YouTube continues to grow and more and more people are looking for product information on the platform. The content about your product can be varied: reviews, unboxing, tips to use them, directly answering questions from your subscribers, etc. You can create a YouTube channel and upload long videos and bring out your creative side in the multimedia field. In addition, it allows you to interact in different ways, leaving likes or dislikes.

Use The Right Hashtags

Comments on both YouTube and any other social network China whatsapp number list must be answered and not forgotten. Whether they are positive or critical. Here you have an extra help to manage your comments. Negative comments on social networks: how to deal with them After so much theory, the time has come to see how other ecommerce social networks are doing. But first, don’t forget about Telegram , which with 500 million active users is growing quite a bit. We talk about her also in this blog. Here you have several companies that lead their networks with a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. 10 examples of online stores that manage their social networks well (and how you can implement it) Manage social media professionally Now that you have decided which social networks to be on, it is time to draw up a strategy.

China whatsapp number list

Succeeding in social networks with your online store implies additional work. Work that you can either do yourself or invest in hiring the services of a community manager. In the event that you are the one who is going to manage the networks, follow these steps: Design a content strategy: Plan the what, where and when. It is necessary that you develop a content plan so as not to fail when publishing on your networks. If you leave everything to the last minute you won’t know what to post and you may not even post. Organization is the basis for success on social media. Create content of interest: Post content that generates interest among your followers. Include in your content plan (raffles, videos, infographics, etc.).

Analyze Your Competition

And don’t forget to encourage your customers to share their own images using your products. There is nothing more compelling than social proof to attract new followers. How social media posts from your customers can increase sales for your business. Automate your content through tools to program and analyze your performance. You will make sure you have everything under control and optimize your time. Once your content plan is defined, lean on the platforms that allow you to program your content in advance . These are just some tips to start managing the social networks of your online store in a professional way. If you want you can get more information here How to handle social media professionally We are moving forward in the social media guide for ecommerce.

Now comes the moment of truth: How to get my followers to visit my online store? How to get traffic to my online store thanks to social networks Before creating false illusions, we reveal that there is no magic formula to create a post that generates thousands of visits to your online store. What we can tell you is that by creating original and attractive content, you can generate interactions, traffic to your website and, finally, a purchase. Tips for creating (almost) perfect content In fact, there are three elements that when publishing can be vital to the success of your post and that could come close to that term of a “perfect post”: Choose the correct time and date of publication.

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