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This is you You love cycling, just like us! You are creative, have a pragmatic attitude and are a real team player. In this role you work closely with the purchasing department and the marketing team of which you are part. You are proactive and customer-oriented; strong communication skills; organizational good with numbers; you know how to translate Algeria Phone Number List data into concrete insights and action points; creative and have a hands-on mentality.

About the feature

Already somewhat familiar with the bicycle industry, or have a strong affinity with the products; MBO/HBO graduated in a commercial or marketing/communication direction.  You work closely with your marketing colleagues and the purchasing Algeria Phone Number List department. Activities You are a contact person and sparring partner for suppliers.

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You are a contact person and sparring partner for Algeria Phone Number List suppliers.You are responsible for the preparation, development and implementation of product campaigns.You (co-) prepare the product marketing annual calendar and you ensure the development and implementation of the plans.You make a creative translation of promotions and/or devise successful marketing campaigns.You make analyses, evaluate actions and, if necessary, come up with proposals for improvement.

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