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The early dashboard refers to the information panel on. Products such as cars, and the chinese translation is the dashboard. In the mac os system, a dashboard refers. To a panel that contains various small widgets. At present, the Belgium Phone Number dashboard we are talking about inherits the. Core concept of the dashboard – through charts, lists and other forms, it can directly, efficiently and accurately. Convey important information Belgium Phone Number to users. Many works can be found on websites such as dribble (as shown below). However, unless it is use for external display, the form of the dashboard does not have. To be particularly gorgeous. Because for to b users, the core of it is always delivering information.

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Everything on the interface should be there for a reason. And some extra decoration might be distracting. What we nee to do is: do less meaningless things, and present and highlight more useful information. 2. Design steps Belgium Phone Number when designing a dashboard, there are four. Steps you can follow: 2.1 user scenario when analyzing user scenarios, it is necessary to clarify the. Three elements of “user”, “task Belgium Phone Number” and “data content”. Users nee to accomplish (some specific) purposes through (monitoring, analyzing, evaluating) content. For users: nee to know their identity, position in the. Company, job content, etc. For purpose: nee to figure out what triggers the user to use the dashboard? What is the user’s reason for. Accessing the dashboard? How often does the dashboard nee to be accesse for this purpose.

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Belgium Phone Number List
Belgium Phone Number List

For content : need to understand what decisions. Users need to make after using the dashboard? What key information will help you make a decision? What situations. Need to be reminded users, etc. 2.2 display form choose different Belgium Phone Number forms or combinations of forms according to the data content, such as charts, tables, or lists commonly use in dashboards. Among them, the characteristic. Of the chart is that it Belgium Phone Number is easy to see the trend but difficult to index, and the table is the opposite of the list. At the same time, not all content needs to be displayed in a visual form, only what is necessary and can be quickly seen. Regarding the chart form,

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