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In the US Shopping Actions is a program that allows you to show your products to buyers in multiple places at the same time that buyers can “Shop with Google”. Shopping with Google means that buyers provide Google with their credit card information and Google processes the order. Google then sends the order information to the merchant so they can fulfill the order. Products that offer Buy with Google have this icon: These ads appear in standard Google search results, the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Images, through the Google Assistant, and in the Shopping app. Shopping Actions works as follows : A shopper clicks on your Shopping Actions listing. Google calculates the total price of the item, plus applicable sales tax and shipping charges. The order is submitted through the Google Merchant Center.

You pack and ship the product to the customer. In order to participate in this program, Google has some requirements. It requires that the shopping experience be consistent for all shoppers. If you want to take advantage of Shopping Actions, you must meet these requirements: Accept returns for at least 30 days after each purchase Process refunds within two days Follow all other policies included in the Shopping campaign policies . How to create a Google Merchant Center account? Google Merchant Center is the place where your feed is. There you will also be able to configure the tax and shipping rules that are necessary to be able to publish Shopping ads. Here are some tips for setting up your Merchant Center account : Have access to your domain registrar.

Google Pays You For The Transaction

You’ll need to verify that you own your site, and Kenya whatsapp number list then declare your site in order to use it in the Merchant Center. The easiest way to do this is by going to your domain registrar and giving Google access. All of this can be done directly from the Merchant Center. Learn how to set up taxes and shipping. You’ll need to set up your tax and shipping rules in your general Merchant Center settings. For sales tax, you can enter your rates directly or choose the states in which you charge sales tax and let Google determine the rate. For shipping, you can choose between a flat rate (which could include free shipping), a rate calculated based on the carriers you use, or a rate based on a rate table or rules.

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Under Settings & Ads, click Account Linking. You’ll need a 10-digit Google Ads ID, and you’ll need to sign in with an email address that has admin access to both Merchant Center and Google Ads. A Google Ads account is required if you don’t already have one. Although this guide focuses on Shopping, it’s also worth reviewing Shopify’s guide to setting up a Google Ads account . How to master product feeds? Basic elements of a good Shopping ad How to master product feeds? If you want to optimize free listings, make the most of your paid campaigns, and make your Shopping Actions campaigns successful, the first thing you need to do is create a good product feed.

Link Merchant Center With Google Ads

To make good use of Shopping ads, it all starts with a product feed. The product feed is the information that Google uses to create your ads or Shopping listings. As far as feeds are concerned, you can create a manual feed using Google Sheets . You just need to add the product details in the format that Google requires. This option is ideal if you have a few SKUs, since entering the information for each product is quite a heavy task. You can also consider a feed tool like GoDataFeed or DataFeedWatch to automatically pull data from your store and generate your feed. This method is best if you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs. Or you can use an app like this one , built for Shopify.

Finally, here are some feed tips to keep in mind before you start creating your feed: → The best tips for the feed As we discussed at the beginning, with Shopping ads on Google, you don’t bid on keywords. Rather, Google crawls your feed and product detail pages and then decides which keywords are relevant to your products. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the crucial elements of your feed to ensure that your product is displayed for the desired keywords. While it is true that you must take into account all the requirements of the Google product feed , we are going to focus on the most important elements and those that will make a difference for you. Product Title This is probably the most important part of your feed.


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