Playing an Online Office

What has recently dawned on me is that Transformation A will not suffice for many organizations in the longer term and that they must also deal with Transformation B.In other words: that as an organisation, department and team, given your current work or assignment, you are really looking for new ways of internal digital communication, service provision and collaboration. And thereby “uses new, ‘digital’ business models and digital tools”. In other words: you are looking for opportunities to really throw your old ways of thinking and working upside down. That is Hungary Phone Number essentially disruption: new ways of working that fundamentally change what already exists.

‘But isn’t that something

“But disruption is something for start-ups, isn’t it?” I hear Hungary Phone Number you think. Yes, it is. The authors of Dual Transformation also recognize this. They can often create new ways of thinking and working more easily and faster, without the burden of the past.

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Only: in the field of internal digital communication, Hungary Phone Number service provision and collaboration this has been going on for a long time. Namely in the field of remote work. Just think of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg’s company that develops WordPress, among other things. Or to GitLab, the club with Dutch roots that recently went public. These are just two of the world’s pioneers of ‘remote’, distributed or distributed work. They have no offices. Never had. And they probably never will.

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