Price While It Is True

That a good image captures the attention of consumers, it is usually the price of the product that has the most influence in getting a click. This is particularly noticeable if you sell the same product as other retailers. The same is true if you sell products in a market where customers are critical of prices. In these cases, having a higher price can seriously hurt your ad. If your product is unique or has obvious advantages over the competition, having a higher price can help you get the right clicks. For example, a customer selling custom vehicle lights will target buyers who are looking for quality lights that add distinctive character to their vehicle. It is not aimed at bargain shoppers.

For this client, many high-end consumers will use the same search queries that bargain shoppers use. In this case, if the price is higher than the competition, it can be useful. To get clicks from the right buyers. Brand Regardless of whether you offer your own brand. Or resell products from other providers, you must indicate the brand of each product in your feed. Many products are searched by brand, especially those with a high purchase intent will do so. Also, having your brand appear in your Shopping ads is good for your branding efforts. Clothing Categories If you’re selling apparel, you’ll need to provide a few additional details, such as the following (for a full list of what’s required for different apparel products, check out Google’s guide).

Other Important Aspects Of The Feed

Gender: male, female, unisex Age group: newborn, Latvia whatsapp number list infant, toddler, child, adult Size. A certain number or size small, medium, large, etc. Size Type: Regular, Petite, Large, Big & Tall, Maternity Size System: US, UK, EU, etc. Colour Other necessary information This data is quick and easy to add. They are also required, if you omit any for a particular product, that product will not appear in the checkout results. Availability. Accepted options are “in stock”, “out of stock”, and “pre-order”. Condition. Accepted options are “new” and “used”. Custom Labels Custom labels are for your benefit only, but can be very useful when creating campaigns or optimizing offers. When launching a new campaign in Google Ads you can group your products by brand, category, custom label or some other attributes.

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Labels are optional, but on many occasions it is convenient to create labels that describe attributes of your product that facilitate the creation of campaigns. You can add labels like “Best Sellers,” “Spring Category,” and “Holidays” for easy filtering later in your campaign setup. Reach and robots: how networks and technology work Google Smart Bid (intelligent bid) Shopping ads on Google have changed a lot in recent years, both when it comes to ad placement, as we’ve already discussed, and when it comes to smart technology. I will refer to these advances as scope and robots . In terms of reach , Shopping ads can now appear in all the places listed above. Having more ad placements equals more opportunities to reach potential buyers.

How To Set Up Conversion Tracking?

For standard Shopping campaigns, you can control where your ads appear by adjusting your network settings. For Smart Shopping campaigns (which we’ll cover in the next section), you get all available networks, without the ability to exclude any. As for bots , Google is adding more and more machine learning and artificial intelligence to both campaign setup and management, specifically in the form of Smart Campaigns and Smart Bidding campaigns. We’ll talk about smart campaigns in a moment. First of all, what is Google Smart Bidding? Smart Bidding uses machine learning to analyze millions of signals in a fraction of a second and adjust bids to help hit targets.

Smart Bidding uses “auction-time bidding,” which means it adjusts bids in real time for each individual buyer. So for each shopper who types in a keyword that could trigger your ad, Google adjusts your bid based on how likely that person is to buy. Smart Bidding In most cases, I recommend that you use Google’s Smart Bidding options. In the case of Shopping campaigns, this option will mainly be the Target ROAS or Maximize Conversions option. Maximize Conversions How to set up conversion tracking before creating your first campaign? Conversions are the pillars of your Shopping campaigns. Without conversion data, you won’t be able to evaluate performance or optimize campaigns.

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