The 4D long article chats about the product manager job-hopping interview

m 2018 to now, as the product manager of XX company, he is mainly responsible for the overall planning of the XXX project, which is to solve the XXXX problem in the XXX scenario for XXX users; lead Singapore Phone Number a  team of six, and within two years, users from 0 to XX Ten thousand, daily active, monthly active, sales amount XXX, profit created for the company XXXX.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked as a product manager in XX company, and the XX project solved XXXX problems in XXX scenarios for XXX users; it was mainly responsible for XX modules, XX modules and…

After the work experience is introduced, talk about your personal advantages. The purpose is to let the interviewer lead in this direction. And you can show the skills you are good at, so as to deepen the impressi

2. Introduce the specific details of the responsible product

If you can’t even tell your own product, it proves that you haven’t thought about it at all, and you are a prototype person.

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Then talk about specific job responsibilities – for Singapore Phone Number example, specific responsibility for product planning and product iteration planning.

C-side availability > B-side availability)Singapore Phone Number

Here, John also provides a template – mainly responsible for product planning and product iteration records, here are the main emphasis on several nodes:

During the period of user volume 0~5W, XX modules and XX modules were iterated according to the version, and Singapore Phone Number the daily active data changed from 0 to 5K;During the period of 5W~50W users, DAU also continued to rise. During the period, N versions were iterated. The key modules included XX module and XX module. They also began to explore the boundaries of realization, and made XX modules to explore…

(The growth of user data is the best reflection of the performance of the product.) I planned the product step by step according to OKR. And iterated N times during the process of being fully responsible for the product; User data indicators, or conversion indicators, give certain numbers to reflect your value.

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