Product managers learn to use mind Lithuania phone number maps to sort out requirements and “return to” BOSS

The lack of timely, effective and accurate feedback. Leads to poor fault tolerance mechanism. For example,

Lithuania Phone Number the card binding process is divide into two steps. But the bank card number is judge only in the verification code step, which is inaccurate and ineffective.

Users fee  insecure. For example, there is no prompt to exit the process, resulting in the loss of all misoperation data. The first two lead to high operational difficulty, and the latter two lead to poor fault tolerance.

Bank Card Number

So the solution revolves around reucing operational. Difficulty and improving fault tolerance. (1) difficulty Lithuania Phone Number of operation in the credit process. The three elements that affect the difficulty of the operation mentione are: task cognition – we can try our best to ensure that the.

Information level is clear, simple and easy to convey, so that users can Lithuania Phone Number quickly obtain. The key points of the task. Figure 16 task recognition in the one-click lending process on the one-click loan page.above, what the user really needs to make a choice is the amount of money to be borrowe, so after optimization,

Information Level Is Clear

Lithuania phone number
Lithuania phone number

Other information is weakene to highlight the key points. The user can quickly confirm the information and procee to the next step. Shorten the duration of the task – it can be cut in from whether it can reduce the user’s operation cost, such as


Whether it can be automate to Lithuania Phone Number do work for the user, or provide convenient tools. Figure 17 shortening the task duration in the card binding process. Before the revision of the above picture, the bank card selection entrance was hidden. And many new users could not notice it. When they clicke to complete, they would receive negative feedback from

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