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Whether people buy something is not (entirely) in the hands of the marketer. It is our job to throw a message into the world that strikes the right chord. Sales must then turn it into a sale.Still, there is plenty to do for the small business marketer who has just gained insight into how much a lead or opportunity actually yields him or her. Because we can make sure that the top of the funnel gets bigger (in other words, bring in more leads), we can also El Salvador Phone Number help to make the bottom wider (a higher conversion rate).

Rate increased

In my case it was clearly visible that parties whose El Salvador Phone Number received a PDF quotation (in our case for all applications for more than 5 registration systems) converted much better than, for example, freelancers who received an extensive and complete e-mail with a friendly reference to the webshop. The difference in conversion was sometimes up to 15% .


The next step was therefore logical. Because El Salvador Phone Number  our sales department also has to use its time efficiently, I opted for a standardized, non-personalized quotation for the smaller requests that could be sent out quickly. The result should be there. The conversion rate of leads increased from 28% to 40%. A growth of almost 43%.

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