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You can now see them coming – and more Saudi Arabia Phone Number importantly, you can let them go. Defusing is done in these steps: Try to recognize a stressful thought. Experience the sensations in your body as you say this stressful thought aloud. You put your stress thought at a distance with this sentence I have the stress thought that. Finally, extend the Saudi Arabia Phone Number distance and say this out loud: “I notice that I have the stressful thought that It is important to realize when defusing that it is not the intention to get rid of the thought or to start Saudi Arabia Phone Number thinking differently. The intention is to make sure that these thoughts do not dominate your life. Meditation helps a lot with defusing practice, by the way.

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Van der Drift gives many more tips to put your stress thoughts at a distance. To name a few: thank them, give them a funny name and talk about them with friends. Step 2: Lookup Trial and Error Trial-and-error is seeking out new ideas, trying Saudi Arabia Phone Number them out, failing and trying again. One thing that is very important here is a growth mindset. With such a mindset, you believe that life is a course. You can and can always and everywhere Saudi Arabia Phone Number learn and try. Do you also want to dare to make more trial mistakes? Focus on the learning processes, not just the end result.

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Label criticism as something valuable to learn from. Try and reflect daily. Give yourself challenging thoughts what can I not do yet and do I want to try and keep it feasible. After trying mistakes, if things go well later, allow yourself to feel really Saudi Arabia Phone Number good about this. Step 3: Open up to the fear of not being good enough Our system prefers to get rid of the perfection stress. But if you manage to make it exist, then you can use your fear for Saudi Arabia Phone Number self-examination. What does the fear want to prevent? What kind of unprocessed emotions are underneath? Looking at this can be liberating and ensures that you are more in the here and now.

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