Remember that each person or business

A referral email should include a few standard things. It should include an enticing email subject line, both addresses, and a signature at the end. The body of the email should include a mention of your great work with the recipient, an incentive or offer, and a call to action.

Referral emails aren’t meant to be long, so you don’t need to elaborately detail all of the positive interactions you’ve had with the recipient in the past. If they have a good relationship with your business, they won’t need to be persuaded with a recount of all of your history.

How to Write a Referral Email

When beginning to draft your Taiwan Phone Number referral email, there are several things to keep in mind. Remembering these tips will help you write an effective message and receive the most impactful responses.

First, remember that each person or business you are writing to is unique. Know who you are sending each email to and change the content accordingly. Bring up your specific interactions with the recipient and any commonalities that may cement a stronger connection (such as a shared alma mater or common interest).

People get a lot of email. You only have a few seconds to get their attention so make it count. Get the point quickly and be specific about what you’re asking.


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Include the right content

The last thing you want is to send the referral requet out only to realize you spelled the recipient’s name wrong. Prevent embarrassment and give your email a review before sending it.

You don’t want your email to sound like a chore. In addition to keeping your note short, you’ll also want to keep a light and friendly tone. Remember you are asking them for a favor so it’s best to be polite and not come across as demanding.

Do you have people in your network in common? Did they recommend that you connect? If yes, say so. It will add familiarity and another layer of trust to your interaction with the client.

Second, consider the time you will be sending it. Schedule the email at a time when it is likely to be the most convenient time for them. For instance, you might choose to avoid Friday afternoons because your customer may already be logging off.

Lastly, know what you should include in the email itself. Include all of the correct content that we will detail in this guide. With the right incentive and CTA, you will soon have a valuable network of referrers who will drive more business your way.

But first, who should you email in your client base? Let’s find out how you can identify referral opportunities.


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