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For SEO! At the end of your product settings, you will find a block to edit the meta-title, meta-description and its URL Preview of results in search engines !! Congratulations!! You have already registered your first product. Congratulations you added your first product Then you can continue adding as many products as you want. Now it’s time to continue configuring the online store. 4. Configure the appearance of your store By default Shopify installs a theme/template called “ Debut” , with the basic appearance of an online store. → With a few simple tweaks you will see how it takes on an aesthetic that matches your corporate image and is so pleasant as to guarantee a great user experience. In the “Customize theme” block you will find a step-by-step guide to editing the appearance of your home page , from the header (header) to the footer (footer).

Debut theme homepage customization screen Debut theme homepage customization screen. The blocks vary from theme to theme. But generally these are: 1. HEAD If you know, uploading it to your store is very easy. The same as choosing the main menu and adding a top bar with a message. It is a common section for all the pages that make up your website. 2. SECTIONS You can shape your home page by adding, editing or deleting different blocks or sections; blog posts, product collections, the store’s About Us , personalized content, image gallery, slides, logo list, map, featured product, newsletter subscription box, videos, testimonials . A good collection of resources! 3. FOOTER This is a common area that will be displayed throughout the store. Menus of legal texts and conditions of use, the logos of the payment methods, the subscription box, etc.

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are usually placed here. Good job so Poland whatsapp number list far. You already have your home page set up. We still have a bit of work to do! Although the rest has the same “difficulty” as seen so far… Theme Settings You will see this section in the same theme customization screen, in the lower left corner. It will give you the possibility to further edit the appearance of your store, with aspects such as: Colors . Modify the colors of the texts (titles, links, body…), of the buttons, of the form fields, etc. as you wish. All according to your corporate identity. Typography . Another important aspect of the aesthetics of your store. Choose the typeface that best suits your identity. You have many options to choose from. Seeker . You can activate the option that suggestions are shown to the user in the store’s product search engine while they are typing their search. Very useful. Social Networks.

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To your social network profiles. This will add the icons of each profile to the footer. favicon . Upload the image of your favicon, that little icon that is used to identify your store in the tabs of a browser. favicon Add to cart notification . If you enable this option, the user will be shown a notification when they add an item to the shopping cart . Payment screen . Shopify allows a high customization of the screen, perhaps with more impact on the potential buyer, the payment screen. Prepare it with special care and do tests to increase conversion. The last editing block corresponds to the Theme Actions . Theme actions, edit code The options are for the following: Edit code .

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Not suitable for users without knowledge. You must control the HTML, CSS and Liquid languages. Edit languages . Edit the translations of your multi-language online store. see . Preview in a new tab the appearance of your online store with the implemented changes. See documentation Access to the documentation of your current theme. You will find all the resources and updated documentation of the theme to handle it and get 100% of it. Request customer service . Access Shopify support and request the help of a specialized technician. Do you want to try another template other than “Debut”? You can explore other themes, free or paid, and see if one suits your idea more. Explore free and paid themes Explore the themes, free and paid in the Online Store > Themes section.

Free themes free themes Within the themes section, you’ll see two distinct links: one to explore free themes, and one to go to the official Shopify theme store. Explore free themes Up to 9 free themes currently exist in the Shopify repository. Choose the most interesting according to the theme of your project! premium themes Do you want to go one step further and look for other themes? You can always visit the theme store and search for the one you like best for your online store. Themes to suit you and for any purpose. Explore the Shopify Theme Store. A complete collection of templates with spectacular designs is waiting for you. Continuing with our donut shop example, we would have the following result after the customization process.


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