Research provides evidence that the important symptoms


examining the brains of people with depression?

This study mainly uses a scientific method to prove that “rumination thinking” in patients with depression and healthy people Kazakhstan Phone Number respond differently in specific brain regions,

especially in the prefrontal and central cortex of the brain

Self-correlation tests Different brain waves appear at different times, and brain wave changes increase with the severity of depression symptoms, as well as with the severity of “rumination thinking”.

There are several types of supplementary thinking here, such as persecution delusions (feeling being stalked, the brain is being monitored by aliens), such as obsessive thinking (feeling that there is a virus in your hands,

you must continue to clean with alcohol 20 times), depression The patient’s symptomatic characteristics of “rumination thinking”, negative thinking related to oneself, such as thinking why I am so useless, this is all caused by me, and I deserve it.

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Are there any inference limitations to this study?

Drugs can affect cognitive function tests and brainwave performance. Some drugs such as serotonin may also affect the performance of this brain wave. In this study, there are useful drugs for patients with depression,

but there is no further analysis. Further experiments may be conducted in the future to distinguish the effects of individual drugs. In addition, the subjects in this study are all women, and there may be different genders and races for verification in the future.

3. How should we interpret this study? How can research help us understand the relationship between the characteristics depression-related disorders?

This study uses brain science to show that patients  those of normal people.

This evidence from brain science can remind everyone to seek medical treatment.

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