The Flag For Rural Businesses

Being invit  to the former home of Winston Churchill. David Lloyd George and William Gladstone, not to mention the current. Home of Larry the “Chief Mouser”, was a rather delightful surprise. Far better, the reason was an invite to attend a 10 Downing. St Roundtable on Rural Business, a topic that. Rather handily, we are passionate about.

Rural Business Roundtable 

Of course, having a rural office, a rural workforce and several acres of rural clients, certainly helps
Shandong Mobile Phone Number us to understand the rural economy so, when we got our invite from the Rural Business Group, inspired we suspect by our title of at the UK-wide, CLA-sponsored Rural Business Awards, we were made up!

The purpose of the Roundtable was for 10 Downing Street to. Explore what a rural business was and to understand the challenges. That we, and other rural businesses are facing. Thinking it a little selfish to limit this opportunity to just our issues, (and that of the other 11 firms attending), we canvassed our rural clients. Asked our rural business colleagues and put a call out on social media so that we could raise wide-ranging rural concerns and put forward others’ ideas, alongside our own.

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Understanding rural businesses

During the roundtable the debate was intense and unanimous around. The challenges of connectivity, transport and crime, however. What we found the most interesting was that the perception of rural. Businesses seem a little limit. For example, businesses that were bas in the countrysi  but that didn’t make a traditionally. Rural product, or weren’t a diversified farm, didn’t seem to  consider a rural. Business  everyone. By this measure, in our client portfolio alone, the rural economy would have failed to claim hundreds of employees and several hundred million pounds of revenue, just because the businesses involved failed to conform to a traditional stereotype. Yet, all these rurally-based businesses are facing the same operational challenges, investing in their local area and upskilling the rural workforce. In fact, many of these businesses that chose to locate their premises, offices, factories and workshops in our green and pleasant land, are often a significant employer in the local area.

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