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Below i give 10 examples to analyze these “unfriendly. Designs and the design product logic behind them (personal conjectures). 1. Why should likes and comments Germany Phone Number be. Aggregated and add an operation level click the operation icon in the circle of friends, and two operation buttons. Comment and like, will appear. If you want to like and comment, you have to Germany Phone Number click the corresponding like. And comment button, why not just put the like and comment buttons out? From the perspective of the efficiency of user operation,

And the Focus Is on Germany Phone Number

The current design method of moments is not efficient enough.and an additional operation path is added. What is the deep meaning and thinking behind the design Germany Phone Number of wechat. The positioning of the circle of friends is to share life, and the focus is on sharing rather than interaction. If the entrance of likes and comments is released directly, the frequency Germany Phone Number of user interaction will increase. Resulting in the intention and gold content of likers and commenters. It’s better to put the two operations together high.the praise and interaction received from the collected likes and comments will make the sharer more sincere.

Why Is the Moments Germany Phone Number

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And at the same time reduce the ineffective interruption of. Message notifications, so that the entire circle of friends interaction and sharing ecology. Will become better Germany Phone Number 2. Why is the moments not a separate tab, but just a module in the tab the two functions that are most. Used by mass users: one is a conversation, and the other is a circle of friends. However, moments. Is a module in tab3. According to the user’s high and low frequency operations, Germany Phone Number moments can become a. Separate tab. Why does wechat do this? I think if wechat moments are used as a tab, then wechat has really. Become a social tool, not a way of life. In terms of pattern latitude, the pattern definition of lifestyle is. Much higher than that of social tools.

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