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We use Traackr to find people who are already USA Phone Number talking about gin. People who really love it are talking about the importance of authenticity and quality in gin-making. Especially those USA Phone Number interested in craftsmanship, provenance and art.

We also love supporting up-and-coming USA Phone Number influencers because we’re still a startup. We understand USA Phone Number what it’s like to go your own way and be a challenger brand in a very busy market.

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We look at the type of content these USA Phone Number influencers are creating. Look, feel, vibe, theme. We don’t go after people just because they have a lot of followers. Rather, it boils down to a USA Phone Number person’s relevance and how their content resonates with our audience and their audience.

Once we’ve identified potential influencers USA Phone Number based on relevance and resonance, we’ll introduce them to Sipsmith.

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For example, we will take them on a tour USA Phone Number of a winery. Once you meet face to face, you quickly get a sense of whether there is a shared chemistry.

As our approach to influencers continues to USA Phone Number evolve, we become more attuned to what people search for online. For example, negronis was a trending search term in the US last summer. So USA Phone Number we’re working on ways to leverage our influencer community around this cocktail.

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