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Going back to the source, what we want to. Design is the scene of “listening to songs”, which is the startinoint of thinking. The structure. Of the scene can include: time, space,

people, objects, behavior, information Finland Phone Number, meaning. We need to clarify these seven. Elements and the relationship between the elements, that is, who? In what time and space? Doing what. Why do it? How to do it? How would you feel?

First of all, people are the core of the whole event. And the primary point of thought. The problems listed above are generally caused by people.

People” is thoroughly analyzed

If the element of “people” is thoroughly analyzed, the. Above problems will be easily solved. For example: Finland Phone Number what groups are involved in the “ting song” event. What are the behavioral characteristics and living habits of this group? What are the preferences. Of this group? And Finland Phone Number so on, these analyses can effectively deal with the effects of. Individual differences. In addition, the analysis of people is also

the basis for the analysis of elements such as behavior. Information, and meaning. Secondly, clarifying the time and space will make the event more specific. And the design more targeted. For example: what are the different behaviors and needs of the same person.

Addition, the Analysis of

Finland phone number
Finland phone number

listening to music on the bus in the morning and. Listening to music on a run in the evening? What kindf information exchange and meaning will tare all elements that can directly affect .interface design and metaphor design, and are important clues for design. For example, the size of the. Mobile phone screen will directly affect the interface layout and the size of the interface. Elements; for another example, behaviors such as “cutting songs” and “changing songs. During listening to songs also directly determine.

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