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It is that the pandemic brought out the digital entrepreneur that many have inside, seeing that online commerce was a business opportunity that they should not miss. In search of a quick and effective solution to enter online sales, and obtain a new source of income in the face of the delicate situation. That’s where Shopify comes in! Do you want to try Shopify FREE for 14 days? Start today with your own ecommerce! With this faster and more efficient start-up than with other platforms, the entire process of creating an ecommerce is simplified, with a series of simple steps that will guide you to the final result: your “home” on the Internet. Statistics speak: Around 820,000 merchants around the world are using Shopify for their online stores, according to Shopify Unite 2019 , the annual conference for Shopify partners and developers have over other platforms?

Let’s get into the matter. You already know roughly what Shopify is. Now you are going to know how it works “roughly” and the step-by-step tutorial to set up your online store in Shopify , you will see how easy it is! Simplicity, speed and professional design are the 3 key ingredients. As simple as these 5 steps! Go to the home page and click on the “Start” button. Fill in your details and those of your store. Select a template and customize the design according to your corporate image. Choose the functions of your website to offer the best shopping experience to your visitors. Add the products you are going to sell and their characteristics.

What Advantages Does Shopify?

Let’s sell! Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, Paraguay whatsapp number list no credit card details required. Email address Email address Advantages and functionalities of Shopify. There are so many reasons to trust this platform that it is difficult to wait to try it today. Easy to use and with a low learning curve Shopify is aimed at all types of audiences. With or without technical knowledge, even if they do not know what Shopify is. Being an ideal platform for beginners. Who want to get into e-commerce and launch their own digital business. Shopify’s learning curve is minimal, compared to other much more complex platforms.

Paraguay whatsapp number list

“ Creating an online store today is easier than ever thanks to platforms like Shopify ”. Tomás Morán, CEO at The Kameleon Agency ( Article for Bene ). Built-in hosting When a website is launched, in addition to the domain name, hosting is required, right? This begins to suppose a list of steps and previous procedures to carry out. Before starting with the creation of your online store. And therefore, it also takes time. You have to assess different providers Analyze hosting characteristics and their compatibility with the scope of your project Advanced settings Be aware of annual renewals. With Shopify, this is all history! With it, these first entry barriers are broken and the price plans include domain registration and unlimited web hosting. It’s a 3X1. Do you need to register your business name as a domain?

Do You Have A Business Idea?

Search here if it’s free and start designing your store! How shopify works 3. Load speed Shopify makes use of the best servers, networks, a global CDN and the Lazy Load technique that provides maximum reliability and speed to your online stores. → Loading speed is a key aspect in SEO Positioning, which also has a direct impact on the conversion rate of any Internet business A few more seconds of waiting for your website to load will make your visitors impatient, who will not hesitate to leave you without completing the long-awaited purchase. Those extra seconds translate into the loss of potential purchases, because users hate waiting too long , especially on mobile 4.SSL certificate Shopify provides a free SSL certificate to encrypt the content of your online store using the https protocol.

Your site will be shown as “secure”, with the famous padlock in the browser. This will help you build trust among visitors. shopify walkthrough The padlock image means you are browsing a secure website Look, this is what happens on websites or online stores that do not have the SSL certificate. shopify how it works With Shopify you are in good hands. This message will never appear thanks to the fact that you have the SSL certificate as standard. 5. Unlimited product catalog One of Shopify’s strengths is product catalog management. You will be able to verify how the process of creating your product sheets is simple, even a child could do it. And it is that if the pillar of your online store are the products, facilitating the management of the catalog is one of the most important premises of the platform.

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