Social Authority and Link Sharing


In the same article, It is also suggested that some indexing strongly favors tweets from people with “Social Authority.” This is where influencers come into play for sharing content. But social authority is not just about follower numbers, “there is a correlation between those with higher engagement levels and overall ‘authority’ and indexing.” That means the more relationships you earn with contextually relevant influencers, the more link sharing might occur, which can have a significant impact on your organic traffic. If influencers write blog posts or articles about you, your product, or event that is even better. About one-third of my company’s digital traffic comes from influencers writing digital content about our solution.

Content Creation

Watching the content created by market influencers VP Design Officers Email Lists to see what’s unusually successful can inspire your own original content creation. Producing high-quality content can impact your search rank through most search engines. Looking at best of breed content can augment the technical and content-related SEO information derived from tools like BrightEdge. This strategy can have a material impact. In “A Tale of Two Stories,” I talk about how my business used this method to write two blog posts that netted us over 40,000 page views in one month and drove our organic traffic up 30% across a 60 day period.

Measure and Test

VP Design Officers Email Lists

Like most digital marketing practices, there’s no easy answer, but there is lots of opportunity. With any program, make sure you know what your analytic baselines are. As the only marketer at my company, I spend about 25% of my time doing true “influencer marketing.” These are the metrics I pay attention that relate to SEO:

Total digital traffic, referral traffic and organic traffic plus their lead contributions
Rank position on three search terms
Two pieces of new digital content per quarter from influencers
Five Influencer social mentions per month
I’ve spent the last 18 months figuring out what influencer, social and SEO tactics work and which ones don’t for my company. Make sure you leave enough time and resources to test for the tactics that will impact your business. We’ve been able to calculate that a lead from our influencer marketing efforts costs us one-third of what we spend in Adwords and the inquiries are always more qualified.

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