Social Media Panic – a Cautionary Tale From Our Twitter

What I want to share with you is a creepy social. Media scare involving our Twitter account.  But before I do that, let me ask you to write down the main. Channels you use as part of your strategy. I’m talking about the ones you absolutely will lose. Your Twitter account? Your Linkedin, Facebook, or google+ profile? Others? I’m obviously focused on talent acquisition strategies. But the same message applies to anyone investing in social media. Now ask yourself this question: “What are we doing to maximize our engagement with audiences outside

Real-Life Social Media Panic Work About a Week Ago.

We just settled down for a day’s work about a week ago. Checking the follower count of our Twitter profile. We see that the main hire twitter account shows zero followers. Remember now that social-hire.Com has grown to over 4,000 followers since the launch of social. An account we’ve put Canadian email list for sale blood, sweat, and tears into. This is a highly engaged readership willing to share what we publish. The perfect combination of talent acquisition experts and outstanding executive candidates. Losing them would be frustrating and a major setback. Well, that morning, a quick click on our profile. Page got the “Account suspended” message. Now, those who are familiar with me will know that we battled.

This Is Not the Type of Anxiety You Want to Bring Your Career

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Now let me tell you, in terms of anxiety levels, those words for Twitter account suspension are there. Whether it’s your Twitter account, Facebook page. Linkedin present it means the same thing. For some of you reading this, this could mean a major hit to your business. For others, it can make your career unstable. Are you really betting your company’s talent acquisition strategy on the whim of a third party? For us, I’m happy to say there is a happy ending.  Many thank you tweets to those who shared our content. You might see a similar pattern of messages from scammers targeting people with dodgy links I guess.

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