Social Networking Sites Change Your Job Search Strategy

If you’re like the average person, you switch jobs every few years. That means these are daunting times if you’re just starting out looking for a new job. Unless you’ve changed jobs in the past few years, you’re unlikely to appreciate how much social networking sites have affected the job market — or what you need to do to adapt. That’s what I’m going to cover in this article. Having been in the online recruiting industry since 2000, I have no doubt that most candidates need to completely rethink their job search strategies. This is partly to take advantage of social networking sites in your job search; partly to make sure they don’t undermine the progress you’ve made in your job search through other channels like job boards, recruiting agencies, or referral programs. So how are social networking sites affecting the recruitment market – and how does that affect job seekers? I believe we are witnessing four key changes – you need to adapt to each one to position yourself for success:


Social networking sites enable employers

The rise of social networking sites has dramatically changed this balance. Essentially, recruiters and employers, today have access to similar candidate networks through sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and professional sites like Social. The impact of this is that employers are now hiring more internally. Therefore, as a candidate, you need to ensure that your candidate details appear in the channels recruiters buy list of architects search for candidates. I recommend having at least one compelling LinkedIn and Google+ profile, preferably complemented by a Twitter presence, and importing your LinkedIn profile summary into Social-Hire. To make a profile stand out, it needs to be easy to find on LinkedIn, and it also needs to attract recruiters who want to take action when they find you. These new platforms offer both parties a way to interact that doesn’t involve “unpleasant” cold calls. Recruiters can now approach candidates nonchalantly—in the way that was once elite headhunters—without even picking up the phone.

 Social networking sites open up communication 

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So do you as a candidate. Just a few years ago, most candidates didn’t have the. Opportunity to interact with an employer’s recruiters or employees until you were invited for an interview. Most candidates are constrained by whether their resumes land them an interview. Today, candidates—even those without any sales skills—can proactively. Connect with employers and recruiters, build relationships, and getting. You were invited for interviews. Even if you get job interviews through more traditional means. Social networking sites give you new ways to prepare for job interviews. Research and learn about potential employers. Cultures and ways of working. There are two key things to know here. First, ideally, employers would prefer to recruit employees. Through referral channels rather than any other channel. They found that this route resulted in faster hiring of new . Employees and a higher likelihood of new employees being.



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