Solutions for Home Workers

Quite soon after the start of the pandemic, many good tips, suggestions and solutions came to the fore. For example, tips to schedule meetings not for 60 or 90 minutes, but for 55 or 80 minutes. Suggestions to start or end your working day with a new, fixed ritual.One of the coolest ones I thought was that of Japke-d. Bouma, who walks around her house in the morning to the right and to the left in the evening. And when she enters, she says out loud ‘good morning’ or ‘good evening’. Or something. There were also solutions for better meetings and, above all, fewer meetings. And to share less verbal information and record more in writing.

Much remains with the old

With these things in mind, after the summer Georgia Phone Number List of 2021, when almost all corona-related measures were released for the first time (to be used again soon at full strength), we started thinking about and experimenting with what we now call hybrid work. And we agree that working from home or hybrid working is here to stay.


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Some of the elements we’ve been working on are:More autonomy for people to decide when they work whereLess (online) meetings and more undisturbed focus time for employeesManagers who are more concerned about the well-being of their peopleContact colleagues more often one-on-one just to catch up hese are all good things With a great eye for presence, accessibility and availability, a lot of demand for physical meeting in order to work innovatively and a lot of attention to collegiality and team spirit. The latter would also be so dependent on regular physical meeting.

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