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Despite periodic efforts to tear it down as Marketing Directors Email Lists an “old technology” for lead generation, email remains highly effective. In case you missed it, I wrote about this previously in my post “Why Telemarketing Trumps Email for Lead Generation“. This point is especially true when using marketing automation features common in customer relationship management software.

Marketing Directors Email Lists

Using data gathering and analytics,  campaigns that target the right prospects with the right messages. Sales teams can also set up automated campaigns that deliver messages at predetermined intervals. A call-to-action specific to the needs of the target recipient can contribute to clicks on your site and getting new leads that you can nurture over time.

If used correctly, email marketing can be a very powerful medium for staying in touch with your prospects until they are ready to engage with you more directly.

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Content marketing has become a top element of digital B2B lead generation. It includes precisely crafted messages in such forms as articles, white papers, ebooks, and videos, that are helpful or valuable to the reader.

The most successful content marketers consider the problems and motives of the prospective customers they’re targeting. Content outlines a problem or concern from a prospect’s point of view, and presents resolutions. Optimising articles for search engines can increase the eyeballs that see content. To generate leads, though, you need a strong story that appeals to the interests of the intended reader.

Content syndication is an important extension of a content marketing strategy. It is the delivery of your content through other websites or publishers. You can manage syndication yourself, but another option is to hire a company that specialises in this method of distributing your message through the right channels that hit your target audience.

An important part of content strategy is knowing the types of content and delivery channels that work best in your B2B industry.

According to a research paper by SiriusDecisions “Demand Creation: Planning Assumptions 2015”, inbound marketing tactics that include strategies such as content syndication are responsible for driving more than 70 percent of enquiry volume for many organisations.

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