4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your B2B Lead Generation

Digital technology has opened up a whole Training Directors Email Lists new world of B2B lead generation channels for organizations.
However, not all tools are as effective and efficient at delivering the quality leads you want.

In the perfect world, every B2B marketing

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campaign you run is successful and every B2B lead generation campaign delivers a plethora of high quality prospects in to your sales funnel. However, that’s not the world we live in, is it?

There is a tonne of information (good and bad) out there about how to get more B2B leads. Today’s buyers are much more sophisticated and clued-in than ever before as you will see from the research below from Forrester and SiriusDecisions. And B2B marketers are slowly starting to take the approach that has been used by B2C marketers for some time now.

The one thing you must always ask yourself is “what is the purpose of lead generation?” Lead generation is all about bringing the right people in to your sales funnel. And chances are that each of those prospects will all be at different stages of the buying process when they arrive.

Here are four digital strategies that can deliver better results from your B2B lead generation activities.

Focus on Traffic from Social Media

Unless you have a large team of people to manage your social media marketing, it is a mistake to even attempt to be on every possible platform with social media. First, a concentrated effort to leverage the B2B lead generation capabilities of a few tools is much more effective. Beyond that, as Neil Patel states, driving traffic to your website should be a core objective of using social media.

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Most B2B marketers will agree that you have to implement a customer-centric approach when it comes to your marketing efforts. A blanket approach is not the path to take. People are on different social media channels because those channels deliver a different experience for the user. So if you can avoid it, don’t push the same message out across all of your channels. You need to tailor your messages based on who people are and what they are interested in.

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