Suddenly Be a Work of Art

Take a concert ticket for example. Most remain a boring collection of symbols on white paper (and I’m not talking about a white paper). That is functional, but above all a flawed experience. Now, with the advent of NFTs, the possibilities are endless. A ticket no longer just has to be ‘a ticket’.A ticket can just be a work of art, based on the theme of the concert. That artwork was created by a ground-breaking or upcoming artist. A ticket, that V Nigeria Phone Number  work of art, is only available once: in the run-up to the concert. One of a kind. It is the memory of a concert, always present in your digital wallet. A collectible, your ‘tribal sign’ with which you connect with your group.

 Membership cards

The name alone sounds sexy: a membership Nigeria Phone Number card. People have a natural urge to belong. To feel loved. A membership card can help with this. This NFT strategy can work for any business. I am absolutely convinced of that. As a catering business you can offer unlimited free coffee to your ‘VIP members’. As a sanitary store you offer free installation of bathrooms to your ‘gold members’.


Nigeria Phone Number

Do you see what I do? I apply all those Nigeria Phone Number  well-known marketing strategies that you already knew, but put them in a new jacket. That’s how simple you can start. Use the knowledge you already have in a creative way for your company. This example concerns the creation of exclusive customer experiences. Offering services or discounts that people didn’t know they wanted. By offering them in a unique way as an exclusive item, you can always get people excited about these extra features.

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