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How could I forget? Which I was hired for. We must not forget that and it is still the most important thing for organic leads. I don’t claim to know better than many authors on this site, but my basics have always remained the same. And that means scheduling Kuwait Phone Number time in your calendar for regular activities.

A content calendar offers 

For example, I make a content calendar every Kuwait Phone Number quarter with the 20 search terms that are central for that quarter. I opted for a Google Spreadsheet, where every day is a cell on the horizontal axis and the activities are on the vertical axis. Write an article for the site, a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, a whitepaper, a video or a backlink. And then it’s routine, investing time and actually doing it. You notice it immediately when you stop for a while.

Kuwait Phone Number List

I am also trained with the three pillars of SEO. On page optimization, technical optimization and visibility. And that still Kuwait Phone Number seems to be paying off. Of the 150 niche keywords I managed to come up with, we are in the top 3 with 40 terms, 77 terms in the top 3 and 123 terms in the top 10. All according to the SEMrush tool, of course.

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