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Research by Coosto shows that long texts Croatia Phone Number on social media perform well if you want to score on interaction and reach. Do you want people to click on a link? Then be concise and to the point . 5. Make a comparison Of course you can write an inspiring article about Croatia Phone Number why it is better to drink a glass of water than a glass of Coke. That is what the Nutrition Center has done. But how do you not share something Croatia Phone Number like that with your target group? To this end, the Nutrition Center created the ‘Eating Changes’. Here’s how they easily show the difference between healthy and less healthy food choices : I think a nice detail is the slide in the middle, which I recognize from my smartphone. With that I symbolically switch on the food switch. I can imagine that they will appeal to a few more young followers with this detail.

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Launch the concept of the week They can’t make it more fun, but they can make it easier. And so the Tax and Customs Croatia Phone Number Administration wants to make the annual tax return as simple as possible. For this it is useful if you as a citizen already know the basic concepts. But how do you creatively showcase such tough, dry matter? Well, for Croatia Phone Number example like this : In the ‘Tax Dictionary’ series, the Tax and Customs Administration shares various tax concepts in a visual form. In the caption under the post they give some extra explanation where necessary. You can go either Croatia Phone Number way with this format. For example, ING uses it to explain the most important concepts about investing . And the ‘Concept of the week’ can of course also be ‘The employee of the month’ or ‘The question of the week.

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Use humor Saving, investing, mortgages. They are not exactly simple or laughable subjects. So Centraal Beheer decided to Croatia Phone Number make them simple and humorous by giving children the floor . In the YouTube series ‘Children explain’, the insurer discusses mortgages, savings, investments and purchase value with children. That produces funny Croatia Phone Number answers. Because a mortgage, that has to do with hypnotizing, right? 8. Pick out the best quotes Quotes stick around. So do you have a strong interview or research you want to share with your followers? Then pick a catchy quote and make it Croatia Phone Number visual. As Psychology Magazine does: You may even be able to extract several quotes from one interview and spread them among your followers over a longer period of time.

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